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North Country's Lil Pawz

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Good Sunday afternoon

The latest update: All the Bugg and Carlton puppies have found their forever homes. At this time, we retired have two litters of Akita puppies born 01/06/2024 and 01/16/2024. We have drastically reduced the asking price for the puppies due to my recent injury. Unfortunately, it will take several months for my leg to heal and with ongoing joint issues it is best we retire the Akitas sooner than we had anticipated.

Available now: Akita puppies and retired adults

Upcoming puppies: Harper and Otto are expecting Frenchie Puppies Mid-April. We are so excited for the long-awaited litter of pups.

Future plans: There will be a slight pause in our program for the next few months. We will be focusing on healing. Once we get back on track there will be a huge shift to our program this year. What you will see is Frenchtons and Frenchie's. We will also be breeding for F1 Peekapoos this fall.

Shih Tzu's are coming 2025...

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